Lesson 34: God Reveals His Secrets to His Prophets

We Thank Thee, O God, For A Prophet  EXCEPT…..

We thank thee O God for a Prophet,

To guide us in these latter days

Except when he decides that he must

Ask me to change my ways.

We thank thee for every blessing

Bestowed by thy bounteous hand

Except those who keep me from living

My life just the way I had planned.

Take for instance the weekend we’re approaching

Next month on the first Saturday.

We’ll be at Lagoon, but we’ll listen.

Our family just wants to go play.

Then Sunday with blankets and PJs

We will gather to watch and obey

We’ll sleep through the entire session

And we’ll read the Ensign another day.

We’ll sing of his goodness and mercy

We’ll hear of his conference address

But one thing he’d better not tell me

What to wear or the length of my dress

I don’t mind most of what he teaches

Of this world full of conflict and strife

But I will tune out if he mentions

Things that I need to change in my life.

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