#21 – Blessed is the servant whom his Lord. . . shall find so doing



This short 5 minute video is a tribute to the life of Elder L. Tom Perry.  As you watch this, what is a lesson that you can take from his life?


To see this magical object lesson, you’ll need a can of soda, a box of raisins, and a clear glass.  Pour the soda into the glass and then put a raisin in the glass.  Guess how many seconds it will take for the raisin to float to the top of the soda.

Joseph Smith-Matthew 1:39-40 – Read these verses and find the answer to this question:

  • How is learning about the events that precede the Second Coming of Jesus Christ like dropping a raisin into a glass of soft drink?Joseph Smith-Matthew 1:46-48
  • Why do you think the Lord doesn’t want us to know the exact time of His Coming?


The Second Coming has been referred to in the scriptures as “the great and dreadful day.”  It will be a great day for those that are prepared and a dreadful day for those that aren’t.

When it comes to the Second Coming, most people are very fearful about the details….when it is going to happen, what is going to happen, who is it going to happen to, what is going to happen to me?  I would suggest today, that we change our thinking.

Instead of spending time worry about when the Savior is COMING TO YOU, we should be focusing our time and efforts to doing what we can about COMING TO HIM.

The exact second coming of the Savior doesn’t really make a difference if we are found “so doing” all the time (JS-M 1:49-50).

This type of thinking focuses our minds more on FAITH, than on FEAR.  Fear occurs when we are worried about things that we have no control over.  When we turn our lives over to God, He who has the ultimate control, it makes is so much easier to live a life based on FAITH.


Read Helamen 14:12 and look for the answer to this question:   Why would it be important to know about the events that lead to the Second Coming?

Signs are given to help us build faith and believe more fully on the name of Jesus Christ.  As we go through the signs of the times, I want you to look at them differently.   Don’t see them through the eye of fear.  But ask yourself, “What would these look like through the eye of faith?”  Because you know what is going to be happening, what are some things that you can do because of it?

Below is a chart with verses listed on the left and then two columns next to it.  In the second column, write the sign of the time that you find in the verse.  Then in the third column, write what you need to do as an “elect” person because of that particularly sign of the time.

**Remember….Not all the signs of the times are negative and scary. :-)

Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 8.51.02 PM


Elder Dallin H. Oaks said, “What if the day of His coming were tomorrow? If we knew that we would meet the Lord tomorrow—through our premature death or through His unexpected coming—what would we do today? What confessions would we make? What practices would we discontinue? What accounts would we settle? What forgivenesses would we extend? What testimonies would we bear? If we would do those things then, why not now? (April 2004 General Conference)


I look forward to the day when the Savior comes.  I hope that I am found “so doing” when he comes in glory to reign as King of Kings and Lord of Lords..

Listen to this song and ponder what things you need to change in your life so that you can “watch and be ready.”

Here’s the lyrics:

WhenTheSonOfMan copy.001WhenTheSonOfMan copy.002 WhenTheSonOfMan copy.003

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