#10 – Unlocking the Power of Jesus Christ



In Matthew 11:28-30, the Lord teaches us the keys to unlocking His power.  We are going to dissect these verses and really figure out how he invites us to do this

In Matthew 11:28, what is the first thing Christ invites us to do?

What do we learn about the word “come” from the footnote?

Why do the scriptures say that “come” is a synonym for “problem-solving”?

What does that teach us about when we should come?

At what point do we usually come to the Lord?  at the start of the problem? middle? never?  It begs an interesting question.  When does he expect us to come?  It would probably be the most helpful if we came at the beginning of the problem and asked for help from the all-knowing God.

Now…in that same verse, who does he want to come to Him and what are their characteristics?

Have you ever felt that way when you have a problem?  heavy laden?  Does that just apply physically?  What does it look like to “labor and [be] heavy laden” from a spiritual perspective?

In the end of verse 28, what is the reward/blessing/enticement, for coming to the Savior?

When we are heavy laden, isn’t that what we truly want?  To be given rest from whatever is burdening us?  Of course it is.  And we get that through being yoked to the Savior.

We learn in verse 28 that God invites us to come.  Once we have come, he invites us to do something else.  In verse 29, what is it that he asks?

What is the purpose of a yoke?  If you are trying to pull a heavy load, you yoke two animals together and the yoke itself distributes the weight between both, so the load can be moved.

Elder Boyd K. Packer shares a story about a time when he attended a county fair with some friends.  As you watch this video, what do you learn about the importance about being equally yoked?

So it is with us.  The burdens that we carry due to the fall of man and living in mortality are ones that we don’t have to carry on our own, although some people choose to live their life without the help of the Savior.

The yoke represents the Atonement and it is the great equalizer for all of us.

Once we are yoked to Him, what does God ask us to do?

Why would we need to learn about him?  Would there be any hesitation for someone to not want to be yoked with the Savior?

In vs 29, what does he want them to know about Him?  What fears would that knowledge alleviate?

And in the end of the vs 29, what is the reward?

What is your soul?  D&C 88:15

How is it possible to find rest in your soul, both physically and spiritually, through the Savior?

In vs 30, how does the Savior describe the process of yoking yourself to Him?


“Grace is the power that comes flows from the Atonement.”  Sheri Dew

Read in the Bible Dictionary under “grace”.

What connections do you make about grace and then atonement?  What does God want you to know?

What does grace look like?

Elder Tad R. Callister gives us one idea of what grace can look like in our lives.

“The powers of the Atonement are always extending themselves, reaching out, penetrating every open heart.  It is these powers that help fire the desire to repent.  It is these powers that can inspire our course of conduct before sin is ever committed. . . Suffice it to say, The Atonement is much more than a divine remedy to correct our sins after they are committed.  The Atonement  is, in fact, the most powerful motivational force in the world to be good from day to day and, when necessary, to repent when we have fallen short.”

Tad R. Callister, The Infinite Atonement, 2000, 212.

amazed-by-grace_196x270In Sheri Dew’s book, “Amazed By Grace”, she shares a personal example of what grace looked like in her life.

“My father had many virtues.  He served in faithfully in the Church his entire life.  I doubt he ever missed home teaching in sixty years, though he had to drive a hundred miles every month to do it, and he served diligently in numerous leadership capacities.  My earliest testimony of priesthood power cam from him, and I could always feel the presence of the Spirit when he gave me a father’s blessing.  After his death, we heard story after story about his quiet generosity.  And my father’s word was gold.  Everyone who knew him knew that if Charles Dew said he would do something, they could take that commitment to the bank.  But my dad had an Achilles heel–a temper he never conquered.  We knew he loved us, but we often bore the brunt of his anger.  And anger always complicated relationships.

“One afternoon a few days before he died, I was sitting at his bedside as he slept.  Suddenly I found myself asking the Lord to forgive him for years of angry outbursts.  I wasn’t praying that I could forgive him; I was praying for his eternal well-being.  As I prayed, something unexplainable happened to me.  In an instant, I felt decades of hurt simply fall away.

“The feeling was spiritual but it was also tangible–even physical.  I could remember my dad’s anger, but I couldn’t feel any of the related pain or disappointment.  It was gone.  It was beauty for ashes.  It was sweet.

“That is grace.  The amazing power of grace.  No earthly remedy could have done for me what the Savior did in that moment.  It was the redeeming power of Jesus Christ that prompted me to pray for my father and even gave me the words to say, and it was His healing power that healed a lifetime of wounds.”

Sheri Dew, “Amazed By Grace”, pg 5


Lets take a look at what grace looks like in the scriptures.

holy-wk-mary-anoints-the-feet-of-jesusLuke 7:36-50

vs. 36 – Alabaster?  What is that?  Alabaster is a type of rock that they had back then.  It was basically the ancient perfume bottle.  It was so solid that scents couldn’t penetrate it.

vs. 38 – What did the women do?  Circle all the verbs.  What is the pattern that you see?  What do her actions represent?







vs. 39 – Who is upset? Why are they?

vs 40 – Jesus wants to teach Simon something.  I love that he gives Simon his agency and lets him choose whether he wants to hear what the Savior has to say.

vs 41-43 – What is the parable here that Christ teaches to Simon?

vs. 44-46  – What is the Savior pointing out to Simon?  How do you think Simon is feeling?  What is the Savior trying to teach Simon?

vs. 50 – What does the Savior say to the woman?  How did her faith SAVE her?

What did the woman know about grace?

“This costly offering historically was also given to a daughter by her Jewish parents for her dowery. On her wedding night the perfume was to be poured out upon her husband’s feet at the time of the marriage consummation. It was similar to the act of submission performed by Ruth at the instruction of Naomi to Boaz at the treshing floor. Mary’s giving her very own dowery was a statement of complete love and devotion submission and obedience.”

from: http://www.alabaster-box.org/gpage4.html

Do we have enough faith in the Savior to save us?  Are you choosing to yoke yourself to the Savior?

From Sheri Dew’s book, Amazed by Grace,:

“We all know what it feels like to be overwhelmed with weaknesses, feelings, and circumstances we don’t like and on’t want –jealously, ear, resentment, anger, anxiety, sadness, a lack of discipline, insecurity, and on and on.  Mortality gives us a visceral experience with the reality that without the Lord, we are nothing.  If there are time when you think , “I can’t handle for one more day my children, or my checkbook, or my job, or my illness, or the urge to eat brownies at midnight, or the lack of a spouse, or the lack of a good spouse, or a family who doesn’t appreciate me,” you’re not alone.  The Savior’s divine empathy is perfect, so He knows how to help us.

“Because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ and His grace, you don’t have to confront fear, grief, insecurity, or an addiction along.  Because of Him,every one of us has the hope of a glorious future.  Because of Him, we can have clean slates, second chances, new beginnings.  Because of Him, we will never die.

“With His help, you can resist temptation.  With His help, you can forgive those who’ve hurt you and start over.  With His help, you can leave you past behind.  With His help, you can become your true self.  With His help, you capacity and energy can increase.  With His help, you can be happy again. . . .

“We shouldn’t treat or think about the Lord as we sometimes do about our visiting or home teachers when we’re ill and could use some help–we hate to let them in to help us until we can solve our problems or clean the house first.  If we think we have to conquer a bad habit or an addiction by ourselves, before we seek help, we most likely don’t understand grace.  If we’re discouraged with ourselves because we feel weak and succumb too readily and too often to temptation, we don’t understand grace.  If our hearts are broken and we’re dealing with waves of sadness because of something that has hurt us or someone we love, and we can’t see our way to happiness again, we don’t understand grace.  If we keep trying to suppress envy or anger that rises up at the worst moments, if we feel as though nothing every changes in our lives and we can’t seem to get over unfairness or hurt, if we feel unworthy or the Lord’s help, we don’t understand grace.  If the temple endowment remains a mystery and the power there has escaped us, if we don’t know how to open the heavens and receive revelation, we don’t understand grace.”

Sheri Dew, “Amazed By Grace”, pg 22-24


It is easy to look back on our lives and ask why?  Why did this happen?  Why me?  I believe there is power in looking at a circumstances and asking what am I supposed to learn from this and how is this going to help me fulfill the measure of my creation?

Watch this video and ponder on what mountains has God put in your path and what you have learned as you have climbed them?

Beautiful Heartbreak by Hilary Weeks

“He rarely moves mountains in front of us, but he always helps us climb them.”   Sheri Dew


CINDERELLAIn the recently released Cinderella movie, there is a line that encompasses everything we have talked about today.

“Perhaps it was good that the stepsisters were so cruel because she would have never gone into the forest to meet him.”

Cinderella recognized that the trial of her stepsisters forced her to go into the forest.  And it was in that forest that she met him, the prince. And by meeting the prince, she would eventually marry him and inherit a kingdom.

Is the trial in your life right now, the very thing that has forced (or will force) you to go into the forest to meet Him, capital “H” Him?  And if you never went into the forest, would have ever met the Prince [of Peace]?

I know that as we yoke ourselves to the Savior, he will help us get back to God and inherit the kingdom waiting for us.

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