#14 – The Parable of the Plan of Salvation

044-044-TheGoodSamaritan-fullThe Lesson for today’s Sunday School class is based on the Parable of the Good Samaritan found in Luke 10:25-37.

The insights on the parallels between the parable of the Good Samaritan and the plan of salvation come from an February 2007 Ensign article called “The Good Samaritan: Forgotten Symbols” by John W. Welch.

I would recommend printing out this article and reading it side by side with your scriptures.  Take notes on what the spirit teaches you about your journey and your relationship with the Savior.

Below is the bible video that the church made on this parable.  Once you have finished reading the parable and the insights from the article, watch this video from the perspective of you as the traveler.  Think about all the ways the Savior has bound up your wounds and stayed with you during your darkest nights, taking care of you.

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