Lesson #5: The Greatest Need

1989-04-2080-elder-james-e-faust-590x442-ldsorg-articleRecently in South America, a seasoned group of outstanding missionaries was asked, “What is the greatest need in the world?” One wisely responded: “Is not the greatest need in all of the world for every person to have a personal, ongoing, daily, continuing relationship with the Savior?” Having such a relationship can unchain the divinity within us, and nothing can make a greater difference in our lives as we come to know and understand our divine relationship with God.  James E. Faust, October 1976, A Personal Relationship with the Savior

Why do you think that the greatest need is to have a personal, relationship with the Savior? Read more

Lesson #4: Come and See

400-Taiwan 22“Wherever you live, whatever your joys or sorrows, however young or old you may be, at whatever point you may find yourself in this mortal journey of ours. Some of you know what you want to be and where you want to go with your lives, and some of you don’t. Some of you seem to have so many blessings and so many wonderful choices ahead of you. Others of you feel, for a time and for whatever reason, less fortunate and with fewer attractive paths lying immediately ahead.

“But whoever you are and wherever you find yourself as you seek your way in life, I offer you tonight “the way . . . and the life” (John 14:6). Wherever else you think you may be going, I ask you to “come unto him” as the imperative first step in getting there, in finding your individual happiness and strength and success.”

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, BYU Speeches, March 2, 1997

Today we are going to talk about how we can come to Christ in our life.  As you read through this lesson, I want you to think about where you are right now, spiritually, in your life and where you want to be.   Read more

Lesson #3 – The Family is of God

As we study the Christmas story in the lesson, I wanted to take a different angle on it than most.  There are many lessons than can be learned from studying the Christmas story.  Some includes, “Is there room in your life for Jesus?”, Adding piece of straw to a manger for each service you have done, “Wise Men Still Seek Him,” etc.

Today we are going to look at the teachings of The Family:  A Proclamation to the World, and find them exemplified in the lives of Mary, Joseph and the Savior.

proclamation Read more

Lesson #1 – That Ye Might Believe That Jesus is the Christ

New Testament Vision Board

In an address to Church Educational System teachers, Elder Boyd K. Packer of the Quorum of the Twelve said:

“There is great value in presenting a brief but very carefully organized overview of the entire course at the very beginning. …

“Those few beginning periods, so brief an investment of time by comparison, make it possible for the students to locate themselves anywhere along the way. They have something of a feeling. They retain much more when they know how all of the pieces fit together, and the light of learning shines more brightly. The preview forms a framework and is more than worth the time and work invested in it” (The Great Plan of Happiness [address to religious educators at a symposium on the Doctrine and Covenants/Church history, Brigham Young University, 10 Aug. 1993], 2; or Charge to Religious Educators, 3rd ed. [1994], 113). Read more

Lesson 48: Tithing {and the Temple}: A Test of Faith with Eternal Blessings

the-second-coming-39621-wallpaperIn my years of teaching seminary, one of my favorite lessons to teach was “question day.”  I would hand out post it notes to all the students and they could write down any question they had and we would try to answer it.  Some of them were everyday questions, but most were church/doctrinal questions.  Not one question lesson went by without this question being asked, “When is the Second Coming?

“Some of us may be more concerned about when Christ will come than about [us] coming to Him.”   John Bytheway, “Come unto Christ”.

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Lesson 45: “If I Perish, I Perish”


the-second-coming-39621-wallpaper“Faith is knowing that although our power is limited, His is not.”  

Elder Dennis E. Simmons, April 2004 General Conference

What can we learn about faith from this quote?

Why is it important that we trust God 100% even though we can’t see the results?

We are the ones that limit God’s power in our lives.  Through stubbornness, pride, etc., we choose not to give 100% of ourselves to God, missing out on getting all 100% of the His unlimited power. Read more

Traditions of Christ(mas)

I taught this lesson at the Park 2nd Ward Relief Society Christmas Dinner on December 11, 2014.

Everyone celebrates Christmas differently.  Watch this video to see some pretty strange Christmas traditions from around the world.

What are some of your favorite family Christmas traditions?  The holidays lend themselves to traditions around activities, food, singing, etc.

The Webster Dictionary defines TRADITION as this:  “Established patterns of behavior transmitted from generation to generation” Read more

Lesson 44: “Every Thing Shall Live Whither the River Cometh”


sheridewIn a BYU Devotional in 2003, Sheri Dew tells a story that happened to her in 2001.

Two Christmases ago I went out to my car one evening to find the passenger window smashed and my briefcase stolen with everything in it—money, credit cards, all of my ID (including the passport that had taken me to 50 countries), and irreplaceable documents. I was beside myself. Hoping the thieves had stolen the money and discarded everything else, a friend and I spent all night prowling through area dumpsters, hoping to find something. But we found nothing. Read more